About Philly’s

For the first time in skateboarding history, there is more content than time for one person to take it all in. It seems like there are new parts every day! Even worse, most go straight to the internet without ever seeing the inside of a skate shop. So with everything been thrown at all of us, how does any company offer something different?

While we specialize in offering different options for hardware, we hope to bring you much more than that. We want to bring you back to a time where the local heroes held just as much importance as the top pros in the industry — a time where local skate shops thrived along with the skate communities that depended on them.

While skateboarding means something different to everyone, it should always be a source of fun and joy. Not to be taken so seriously that everyone strives to have a robotic-like style that lacks their own individual flare. We want to be a sign of supporting your local skate culture and a tribute to the way skateboarding used to be.

We want to bring you much more than just hardware; we want to bring you back to a time when the only thing that mattered was skateboarding. Not Race, gender, politics, personal differences, or a thousand other things that never used to matter outside of the one question “Do you skate?” that and that alone is all that should matter.